A description of  terms and techniques…

MANUAL THERAPIES are hands on techniques developed and used for decades by osteopaths, physical therapists and other bodyworkers.

 INTEGRATED STRUCTURAL THERAPY  is a selection of complimentary manual therapy techniques that address a variety of issues.


 MUSCLE ENERGY TECHNIQUE is widely practiced by osteopaths. It releases tension and spasm in the muscle tissue and allows the spine and structure to move into normal alignment with specific positions and stretch/contract isometric muscle contraction. A no thrust way of aligning the spine.

STRAIN/COUNTERSTRAIN is helpful when pain makes the body resist other approaches. We find the body’s position of greatest ease and maintain that position for a timed period to allow the nervous system to reset and release painful holding. Can be used at home for self-care.

 JOINT MOBILIZATION helps to release restrictions in muscles, ligaments and joint capsules surrounding a joint using passive range of motion through different planes of movement.

MYOFASCIAL RELEASE works with both muscle tissue and the connective tissue that supports all the tissues and organs in a cohesive hold. It can be done in a “direct” manner, stretching the restricted areas or “indirect”, moving into the position of ease for the tissue. Three planar indirect myofascial release can be very effective on muscle tissue, joint articulations and also to release holding in organs as well,  and is gentle and non-invasive.

CRANIOSACRAL THERAPY  gently releases restrictions in the natural pumping motion of the cranium (skull) and sacrum, which circulates nourishing cerebrospinal fluid around the brain and spinal cord. This release has a profound effect on the nervous system, which is the central communication system of the body. Sessions often promote deep, even profound relaxation—a valuable  experience  in our hectic world.

POLARITY THERAPY was created by Randolf Stone, an osteopath and naturopath who was well versed in Ayurvedic medicine. It opens and balances energy flows through the body, which relate to both structure (musculoskeletal systems) and the various organ systems.

THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE treats injuries and muscle tension to relieve pain, increase mobility and facilitate healing. Massage can soften scar tissue, and increase circulation, releasing toxins and stimulating cell metabolism. It speeds healing and stimulates the lymph (immune system). While full body massage is no longer available, spot massage with clothes on may be included in your session.

 TRIGGER POINT THERAPY can decommission chronic and acute pain cycles. It involves pressure on or across specific tender points. Self-treatment techniques can continue the process at home.

CHAKRA BALANCING helps to clear, open and heal the energy vortexes of the body which assimilate universal energy.

ENERGY FIELD OR AURA BALANCING works in the energy fields that surround and permeate the body, that are the matrixes of the physical form. Clearing the energy field allows the physical body to come into greater balance. The energy fields of the body vibrate at higher and higher frequencies the further away you are from the body and reflects who we are on emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

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