This work is done with clothes on. Please wear soft, comfortable clothing such as yoga pants or sweatpants. First we will check in and find out what your needs are for the session. Then we will work on the table for an hour or sometimes a little more. Tell me if you have time constraints, so I will make sure we end on time. Parts of the session may be more active with the structural therapy. I may check your alignment, do a technique to help realignment, and have you walk around to re-educate the body. Some of the session will probably be quiet and deeply relaxing with Energy Work or CranioSacral Therapy.  I welcome your communication and feedback to fine tune the treatment.

FEE: $70-$80/hour


First we will check in and find out your needs for the session. Then you will undress in private. If you are more comfortable leaving on some items of clothing, I will work around that. You will be modestly draped with a sheet during the session. I use non-allergenic, unscented oils and lotions, and I wash my massage linens with unscented products. Your communication during the session helps me work with appropriate pressure, and assures that you are comfortable. I usually begin working on the back,  then legs, then have you turn over and work on the feet, legs, shoulders, neck,  and end with the face. You can request abdominal massage.  I sometimes add some energy balancing techniques and if there is an obvious misalignment, I will ask if you want me to do some structural work, which is done with clothes on. Your session will include one hour of work on the table.

FEE: $80/hr


It’s always a good idea to drink water after bodywork to help flush toxins from the tissues. You may feel a little spacey or tired and it is helpful to rest and relax if you can.  Sometimes bodywork takes several days to integrate.  You may feel sore or like your structure is changing.   A soak in epsom salts is a great way to integrate changes and address any soreness. Feel free to call or email with questions or concerns.


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