This is my testimonial for the skill and work of Jan Voorhis as a massage therapist, and body energy worker.
The first, and for me the most important thing I want to say is, Jan has transcended being a good massage therapist and has become a healer. In my mind this is a significant distinction. Being a healer is not an accident, rather it develops from a number of factors all of which Jan has embraced. The first factor is her motivation. Jan is thoroughly and genuinely motivated to help people feel better. Her awareness of her motivation includes a deep understanding of the mind/body connection. How people are feeling emotionally affects them physically and vice versa. This is what I would call a holistic approach. Another way of saying this is that Jan’s view is not simply addressing the symptoms, instead she is addressing the root basis of the symptoms, and their inevitable interconnectedness with the entire mind and body.
Jan is thoroughly trained and continues to train herself with other highly experienced practitioners.
She is highly intuitive, and each session she develops an inner sense of what is going on in my body so that she is able to address my entire situation.
Her experience and expertise also include giving her patients all kinds of useful recommendations for self care activities which are of course an essential part of the overall healing process.
In 2009 I feel off a roof and was severely injured. Although my body healed from an allopathic mechanistic medical point of view, in 2011 I was still in constant pain, and experienced a lot of weakness. When I first approached Jan and told her this story my question was, “Could my body be holding onto the trauma of the fall?” She replied in the affirmative. Then the second question was, of course, “Can you do anything about that?” Again the answer was in the affirmative. Jan treated me 6 or 7 times in succession over about 6 or 7 weeks. At the end of that treatment plan I felt wholly restored. I feel it is also pertinent to say that when Jan began treating me I was 65 years old, not exactly a spring chicken.  —J.G.