Smart Snow Shoveling

Ah……winter!!!  Snow…..and then comes snow removal.  

Snow shoveling can create strain on not only  your muscles and structure, but also your heart.

If you have read my first two blogs, you already have some tips that will apply to snow shoveling.

Like any other activity, WARM UP  before you demand hard work from your body. (And stretch out after)  And in the cold weather, make sure you are DRESSED WARMLY  enough, in layers that can be shed as you warm up.

When expecting a big storm, do your shoveling in  SEVERAL ROUNDS, to make it easier.

USE A SHOVEL THAT FITS YOU with a long enough handle so you are not bent over.  Some of the bent handles or two-handled shovels may be a good fit for you.

PUSH THE SNOW if possible. If you must  pick up  the snow, work with amounts that won’t strain you. Hands 12′ apart on the handle gives you more leverage. Lift with your legs and if you need to turn, pivot from your feet, not your knees. If carrying snow, keep the weight close to the body. Try to toss snow to both sides to balance any twisting motions. Don’t throw snow over your shoulder to avoid straining your back.   Take breaks and stretch backwards to counteract the forward bending.

LISTEN TO YOUR BODY:  Keep hydrated.  Stop when tired and take a break (think snow angels).   Stop immediately and get assistance if you feel any chest pain.




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